Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming Up for Breath!

I've decided that organization is highly overrated!

Today, I hit the stacks on my desk like a mad woman.  I can actually see my desk least on part of my L-shaped desk.

I've blogged before about the fact I'm convinced the ancestors are withholding information until I finally, honestly and truly file stuff away rather than having them in somewhat organized stacks on my desk/floor/top of the printer.  I've decided that the fury of my cleaning effort today was what caused four out of the five photos of my ancestors to come crashing down onto the desk.  Fortunately, no glass was broken and the frames are ok; however, the only one that didn't come down on my head was the framed version of this.  Daniel Crawford and Louvina (Carter) Sparks do NOT look like happy people anyway and 3g-grandma is looking down at me disapprovingly.  I know, Louvina.  I know my desk is a mess and I'm honestly trying to get to the point where I can find out exactly who your daddy was.  But giving me "The Look" isn't helping!

The scanning project is going well.  I'm going to put everything on CD-ROMs as I would hard copies into files.  That's the best route I can go.  No, I'm not getting rid of the hard copies, but those are being put into page protectors, scrap books and such.

*looks up*  I know, Louvina.  I promise that Carter will be the next family I research.  We'll find out when your dad was born and died.  But, honestly.  John Carter in North Carolina?  You gotta give me more than that to work with!

But the most exciting news is that I've finally decided to become a certified genealogist.  The package from The Board of Certification for Genealogists is on it's way.  That's good incentive to finally get things in their proper place.  All the work that will be needed for this, I have to know where things are.

*looks up again*  Yes, Louvina.  Perhaps I'll use your family to help with my certification.  We'll have to see what I'll be required to do.  But...honestly, Great-granny....would it have hurt you to smile?

Oh and again...John Carter?  North Carolina?  No birth or death dates?  Really?  C'mon, really?

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  1. I totally enjoyed this post and the picture. I love your writing style. You keep me laughing.