Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It's Going to be One of Those Days

Due to my own odd physical issues, medicine side effects and general, all around weirdness, I usually don't sleep longer than 4:30 am.  That give all sorts of opportunity for Internet mischief-making, except I use mine for genealogy.  

The Husband spit in a cup (vial) for a couple of reasons.  

First, he wanted to see what made him.  Knowing migration patterns of ancient and not so ancient man, we weren't surprised - 63% Great Britain, 20% Ireland, 5% Scandinavia, 5% West Europe, 4% Italy/Greece, 1% Iberian Peninsula, 1% East Europe, <1% Finland/Northwest Russia.  Anything else is so far back it doesn't show.  I should wear eclipse glasses when I look at him, he's so pale.

Second, he is, as am I, adopted.  In every adopted person, there is a hole.  It doesn't matter how well adjusted that person is or what type of parents they were raised by.  That Hole exists.  I know this from experience.  I'd seen edges of the Hole, but didn't know how big it was until 1992 when I was being hugged by my birth mother in her front yard and she whispered, "Now I feel complete."  

The question is, how deep is that Hole.

So, he spat in the cup and we sent it off.  I started building his mirror tree.  Using information already known, I entered his birth mother and him.  Then we got the results.  The Husband was born in Appleton, Wisconsin so we both assumed his people had lived in the Upper Midwest.  Imagine our surprise when his test came back and he had very strong connections to the Ancestry Genetic Community "Settlers of Central Georgia & Central Alabama".  Wait, what?!?!  *insert the sound of a record needle screech here* 

I worked more on the mirror tree and kept finding one specific family again and again.  I exported his information to GEDMatch and who do I find, but the same user that matched so highly on Ancestry.  She's his first cousin, once removed. 

Comparing their DNA, if I'm reading the information correctly, it appears that her father and his grandfather were brothers.  This family bounces between Alabama and Georgia.  So, I'm working on pulling all brothers' families forward to see if I have a candidate before I drop this in her lap.

Oh, and a relative on The Husband's father's side from this family?  Actually, much closer than "a relative" - if not a half sibling, then another first cousin, once removed.  I went to high school with him in far western Kentucky.  It's going to be one of those days.