Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Spice of Life!

First, let me say that this is satire. I have so much more that comes first that anything that I would like to buy on Ebay. That's for my sister. However, only my sister would really and truly get this next part.
Growing up, my mother had the Spice of Life pattern of Corelle/Corning Ware stuff in our kitchen. I believe that my sister had something to do with it since she sold wallpaper because our whole kitchen was decked in orange, avocado, olive (because I believe those are two distinct and different colors of green), gold, and amber (see previous statement regarding green). Now, before you go "Blech" or any other disgusting noise, remember, we're talking sometime between 1974 - 1982 (I don't know what happened after that...I moved out). Mind you, we not only had wallpaper, our fridge was decked out with wallpaper. Not only wallpaper on the fridge....cut out veggies from the wallpaper ON the fridge. It was spectacular. No, really, it truly was. Like I said, topping it off, she had the Spice of Life stuff. Now, when I got ready to move out, I had a few pieces of it (how could I not), but never to that extent.
The years pass by and we moved into the house we live in now. Our family comes together in various forms through the years and I look around my dining table and it hits me. My kitchen colors were the same as my mothers - right down to the avocado, olive, gold and amber.
I say all that to say all this - I looked at Amazon, Ebay and various other shopping venues today at "Spice of Life" and was reminded of that 20 some-odd year old young lady who thought I'd NEVER buy THAT!!!
My mouse finger is itchy.