Sunday, April 10, 2011

Civil War Blog Challenge - Accepted!

Bill West of the blog "West in New England" has challenged all genealogy bloggers to post about their Civil War ancestors for the 150th anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter and the following four years of war.

Bill, I accept your challenge.  

My direct ancestors who fought during this time were:
  • Daniel Hoover - Union - 8th Kentucky Infantry
  • John Hoover - Union - 47th Kentucky Infantry (Daniel's son)
  • Henry Plowman - Union - 8th Kentucky Infantry
  • Richard Aldridge - Union - 8th Kentucky Infantry
  • Isaac Hickam - Confederate - 48th Virginia Infantry
Relatives who also fought?  Look at the rolls of the 8th Kentucky and the 47th Kentucky.

Over the next four years, I will be blogging about these men, their units and the battles they took part in.  I will walk where they walked, I will stand where they stood.  

And I will share it with you.

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  1. I think this is great! I am also interested in the 8th Kentucky Infantry. My great-great-great uncle, William H. Jarvis, was in Company I of the 8th. I have written about him in my own family history blog at

    I would be very interested to share information about the 8th Kentucky. I would like to trace my ancestor's involvement in the war in this unit also.

    If you're interested in sharing, my email address is