Saturday, December 25, 2010

Next Year, I Resolve To....Part 2

...still organize my files.

I'm determined that I am going to do this.  I know I say this all the time, but I'm actually going to do it this year.

One of the fun things about my genealogy hobby is I'm not only working on my adoptive family, but my birth family AND my husband's adoptive family.  He's not made the jump to find his birth family yet.  I don't know if he will.  I keep telling him that my experience with my birth family is not the norm.  We've been in touch since 1992 and have a wonderful relationship.

So, what is my major plan for organization, you ask?  I know that I will be all over the place, working on three families at once, but what I've decided to do is begin at the A's.  As I work on each family, I WILL document each and every fact I find.  I will print off each census, fact, etc I find and organize it - first with the main family the ancestor comes from, as far as I have it documented and then work my way down the line.

As the research is being done, I'm going to keep a running list of questions/brick walls/undocumented dates and places.  Hopefully, this discipline will help me keep on track and not need the genealogy ritalin I seem to need. 

I also WILL get to the Kentucky State Archives in the coming year.  I've made so many plans to go, but have always had to cancel my plans, even if I was only 60 miles away from them.  But, before I do, I have to have my list of questions/brick walls/undocumented dates and places.  If I walk in there unprepared, it will be a case of shiny object syndrome.  My eyes will glaze over, I'll start to shake and will only be able to stammer one or two names!

Lastly, I will seriously look into becoming a certified genealogist.  I have absolutely no idea what all is entailed, but after 20 some-odd years, I think it's about time.

What are your genealogy plans for the New Year?

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