Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Genealogy Santa....

It's me, Jen.  How are you?  I am fine.  I had surgery about a month ago, so I haven't been able to update my blog.  I hope that everyone at the North Pole is doing ok.  I bet it's really busy up there.

I've been pretty good this year.  I've done alot of photography cataloging of cemeteries and working with Find-A-Grave.  I even was tapped as a special teacher at a middle school for one day.  I taught about how you can find history in non-traditional ways.  Those kids were great!  They're going to send me their projects once done.  By the way, if you get their letters, I recommend they all get what they want.  Not a lump of coal in the bunch!

Anyway, here's my list:
  • A genealogy peon - I really need one of these!  I've got so much data entry to do.  I'm trying to source all my information.  I know we're supposed to do that when we're doing data entry, know I'm really bad about that.  I've also got alot of pictures with my adoptive family.  I need to scan them and identify them.  I don't know who most of these are!
  • A genealogy program that is perfect - There are so many out there.  You'd think that there'd be one that is a combo of all the best points and none of the bad.  Could you get Research and Development on this?  I'd be glad to beta test it before you put it into distribution.  Shoot me an email and we'll talk.
  • A battering ram - I've got so many brick walls right now.  I sit and look at them and know that the answers are out there somewhere.  I just need a few chinks in the bricks.  If possible, I would like it to be purple with blingly decorations.  Hey!  A girl's gotta be stylish!
  • Last, but certainly not least, bring all my brick wall ancestors to me for one night of conversation.  I know that's a pretty stiff request, but you're Genealogy Santa!  There are so many things I have to ask them.  I know this conflicts with the battering ram, but I'd really like both.  I'd also like the chance to ask about daily life, military life, feuds, etc. 
I'll make sure that I'll have milk and cookies out for you.  They'll be next to the tree in the den.  I figure that will be easier since that tree is closer to my computers and scanner. 

Love and have a safe trip,


PS - I'll have reindeer chow out as well.


  1. May you get every wish! And when you do, send that genealogy program my way, please.

  2. I had a brick wall recently that I was finally able to crack. I joined a yahoo group called Ancstor Hunters, and I posted my brickwall. Within a day I had 7 people e-mailing me info/resources. One of the resources is what broke the wall. It might be worth giving a try.

    Keep Smilin

  3. I'm sitting here smiling at your post and wishing you would write more. You've got a great sense of humor. By the way -- I solved a brick wall of 9 years! If you can, go to my blog and read the post called "When the Pieces Fall Into Place". It was posted in November.


  4. Thank you, ladies, for the comments! I really appreciate them. For others reading, I suggest you read Kathy's post. It's really interesting.