Friday, June 11, 2010

Follow Friday - The Family Tree Writer

I've been doing genealogy "officially" since 1990.  Nothing should surprise me, right?  Pffft!

One day, a few months ago, I was wandering around on the internet.  That's no surprise.  I followed a link, then followed one from that one, and so on and so on.  Somehow I found myself at The Family Tree Writer's blog.  I think it may have been one of the daily themed blog events hosted by GeneaBloggers.  Anywho, I read this post and thought I'd help her out with a little information on this beautiful child's death.

She and I have chatted off and on since.  Well, imagine my surprise when I finally took the time to look through her tag cloud and found "Breniman".  Mind you, "Brenneman" was my 4th g-grandmother's maiden name.  I shot her an email and lo and behold....we're cousins!

Sherry's a great person and I can't wait to compare notes with her.  She's a founding member of Sumner County (Kansas) Historical and Genealogical Society and they are hosting Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies on June 19th, 2010. 

Stop by her blog and get to know her!

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  1. I have so enjoyed reading through your blog today after you were recommended by "Mountain Genealogists" in the Follow Friday blog. I have always wondered about Serendipity. I've said many a time that it's God really...because after all, we know He loves genealogy or He would not have put all those "Begats" in the Bible, LOL! I've also very often thought that my ancestors themselves have had a hand in getting me to the right place, the right person. One thing I know, genealogy is a spiritual experience that rocks us to the core! I've had some very moving and sometimes eerie experiences, things that just could NOT be chance....and whispers so loud in my head....are they calling me? I think so!