Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Goes Around...

...comes back around.

It's been some times since I've written anything here.  I promise you that it's not been for lack of wanting to.  I somehow couldn't find the time.  I've been working so hard on the database portion of the site that I neglected this part of it.  Well, that's going to change.

So, Jen...what have you been up to?  I'm glad you asked!  Unfortunately, it hasn't been work.  That's slowed down quite a bit, but that's the transitory way of the telecom business.  Hopefully, it will pick back up soon.  Things are trickling through, but I'm ready (and my wallet's ready) for the faucet to turn on.  On the other hand, that's given me time to work on this site and another one that I'm working on.

My daughter and I recently went away for the weekend to our beloved mountains.  There was quite a bit of snow.  It was gorgeous.  We had beautiful weather and a great time.  After the past year, it was a minor respite, but it was much needed.

That said, I'm recharged and ready to get out to do legwork (canework?) on research.  I'm hoping to be about to take a few days and do some cemetery photography and get to the Archives in Frankfort.

That said, take a look around the site!



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